Paddy Power PokerThere are many reasons why you should sign up to and play at Paddy Power Poker, for they are a very busy poker site and as such you are always going to find a huge number of live in play cash ring games available and plenty of high values prize pools on all of their poker tournaments too.

One of the main benefits of playing in poker tournaments at a site such as Paddy Power Poker is that with there being so many fellow players logged into their poker site at all hours of the day or night you will find the prize pools are substantially bigger than other poker sites and therefore when you do win one of them you will have a large amount of cash coming your way.

However, as part of the new player sign up welcome bonus available to all new players at Paddy Power Poker you are going to be given tickets that will allow you to play in a set of daily poker tournaments for a month and those tournaments will be free of charge when you use those tokens.

You will also find that Paddy Power Poker have one of the very best online poker software platforms around and that poker software platform is compatible with all web browsers and as such you will never have to waste any time waiting for it to download as you never have to download any software to be able to access and use it.

Paddy Power Videos

However, thanks to the recently launched mobile app from Paddy Power Poker you are now going to be able to play poker games and poker tournaments at any time of the day or night no matter where you are and they way that app has been designed and put together it will make playing poker on any type of touch screen mobile device a breeze!

Please do take a good look over the Paddy Power Poker site for by doing so you will find more about the many different poker game variants that are available which do of course include Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and you will also find details of their generous new player sign up bonus too.

Plus, all of your real money poker playing action whether when playing in their real money cash ring games or when you enter any paid to enter poker tournament will see your earning poker points.

You will then be able to use those poker points to obtain additional poker playing credits, and that does of course mean the more you play at Paddy Power Poker the more bonus credits you will be earning via your real money poker playing action, so do give them a try sooner rather than later!

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Posted on: 5th July 2016 by: Gary Beachley