Android Bounty Poker TournamentsFor any poker player whether they are playing via an online poker site gaming platform or using an Android poker App, the best feeling in the world is when you manage to sit down and play poker alongside some of the best poker players in the world, and there are many poker sites who have these big named poker stars as customers!

However imagine playing alongside these big star poker players and then, through your own skilful playing you manage to knockout that particular player! That would certainly give you something to boast about, but imagine if you also got a special bonus payment awarded to your when you knocked that star poker player out.

Well if that should sound like something you would at least like to try then it will be the Bounty Tournaments which are well worth you taking a closer look at, as these are available to anyone using an Android device to play poker on, and one who happens to be playing at some of our featured Android poker sites.

The way in which a Bounty Poker tournament works and operates is much like any other poker tournament where you are tasked with working your way to the final table in the hope that you bag one of the prizes on offer.

However by giving a set number of the poker sites star players a bounty on their heads then this will ensure plenty of additional fun and excitement, as each time someone knocks one of those players out they get a standalone bonus payment for doing just that.

The amount of this payment will vary greatly from poker room to poker room, however by playing at some of our featured Android poker sites the payments and bounties paid for knocking out selected players can be enormous, often just as large as picking up a prize at the final table!

Where to Play Android Bounty Poker Tournaments

There really is only one site where you should consider playing in a Bounty poker tournament and that is at Poker Stars and the reason for us saying that is quite simple, they have the biggest number of celebrity players playing poker regularly at their poker site, and as such there is never any shortage of these bounty Poker tournaments on offer.

So if you have recently purchased or been given any form of Android device and you fancy sitting down to play against some of the biggest and most well know poker players in the industry, with the chance of knocking them out of a tournament and getting paid for doing just that, then it will be the Poker Stars Android poker site where you should be heading to!

A very informative website is offered by Poker Stars and as such you will find a complete in-depth step by step guide to getting their Android App up and running on your device, and then you will be playing against their big named poker stars in no time at all!

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Posted on: 25th January 2013 by: Gary Beachley