There can be no worse feeling when you have entered an online poker tournament in the hope of at least ending the tournament in one of the prize paying positions that tournament has to offer, only for you to be knocked out completely in one of the earlier rounds of that particular tournament.

This article has several of our featured Android poker sites to make available a large and growing number of Rebuy tournaments that will allow you to get another chance of taking part in them, should the unthinkable happen and you get knocked out of the tournament at an early stage!

The way in which an Android Rebuy Poker tournament works and operates is much like the way in which an online poker site offers them, in fact when you are playing in a Rebuy tournament at an Android site you are in fact entering the very same ones which are available at an online poker site.

This means that you will have the same large choice of these kinds of tournaments to enter and take part in and you will also find the same players who are taking part in them via the online poker sites tournaments will also be playing in these Android tournaments as they’re all interlinked, meaning that they fill up quite quickly!

How do Android Rebuy Tournaments Work?

The way in which an Android Rebuy tournament works is that should you have been knocked out of a tournament offering Re-buys, then you will be given the option of rejoining and carrying on playing in them.

It should be pointed out that you will of course have to pay to purchase a Rebuy, however the fees charged for re-entering them and carrying on are, in most cases the same as the original entry fee into the tournament.

You should consider using a Rebuy only when you think it is preferable for you to do so, maybe when there are just a few entrants in that tournament or when the prize pool on offer is substantial!

Where to Play Rebuy Android Poker Tournaments

There are quite a lot of our top rated and highly recommended Android Poker sites who will let you take part in Rebuy poker tournaments, however one site we think is always worth you checking out and playing at is Poker Stars.

The reason they come out at the top of our list of sites at which to play these kinds of tournaments is that due to them being such a busy poker site they have some of the biggest prize pools on offer, and as such if you strike it lucky and make it to one of the prize paying positions in the tournament then you can be rest assured you will pick up some very large winning payouts.

Checkout the Poker Stars Android App website for it is there that you will find all the information regarding how to get the App to work and load and also you will find full details of a generous new player welcome bonus that will increase your bankroll before you start to play, which as any poker player will tell you is a good thing!

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Posted on: 28th January 2013 by: Gary Beachley