Android Satellite Poker TournamentsOne question which pops up time and time again when an online poker player is considering moving their online poker playing over to the brand new Android poker playing environment is, will they still be able to enter the usual tournaments which they have come to expect from the online poker site when playing with an Android site.

Well the answer is of course yes, we have carefully had a good look at each and every Android poker site which we are showcasing to you on our website and have actually put each and every one of them to the test, playing for hours using a selection of different Android devices, and as such we are happy to report that each of them gives you access to just as many different poker tournaments as their online poker sites when playing via these Android devices.

In regards to the most commonly played online poker tournaments these are of course the Satellite tournaments, and if you are wondering what these are, they are basically very low cost poker tournaments where instead of winning a cash prize for finishing the tournament on one of the prize paying positions on the leader board, you instead win yourself a free entry into a main poker tournament event.

The beauty of taking part in these Satellite poker tournaments, of which there are no shortage available to Android poker App users, if that they offer a very cost effective way of taking part in a higher paying poker tournament, in which the worlds finances in the state they currently are, everyone is cutting back on their recreational spending, and as such great value can be had taking part in Satellite tournaments.

To give you added value when taking part in a Satellite poker tournament we have carefully selected one of the very best Android poker sites below for you and this particular site not only offers very low cost tournaments of this nature but also offers free to enter Satellite tournaments and as such you could bag a free entry into a main poker vent at no cost what so ever!

For reference in regards to a paid Satellite tournament what you will find is that often the cost of entry into them is worked out by the number of entrants permitted into each one and the actual prize being offered, so for example, if the prize of winning a Satellite tournament is an entry into a $200 buy in main event and there are 200 entrants taking part in the Satellite tournament then the cost of entry into this Satellite tournament is $1.

Where to Play Android Satellite Poker Tournaments

The one site which is highly recommended for anyone wanting to take part in a huge number of ongoing and very low cost Android Satellite poker tournaments is Poker Stars, they regularly top the lists of poker players sites which they return to time and time again. Take a look at their website for full details of how to use their Android App and also find out how to claim a very generous sign up bonus offer.

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Posted on: 28th January 2013 by: Gary Beachley