Android Turbo Poker TournamentsWhilst there are a lot of benefits to using an Android device to play poker on the go, there can often be one very minor downside, and that is if you do not have a long battery life on the device you are using. Many Android devices will have a fairly long battery life, however if you are using them without a mains lead the battery can run out of power at a time you wished it didn’t!

One time you certainly do not want your screen to go blank is if you are playing poker in a poker tournament at an Android poker site, and this is where it may just pay dividends for you to take part in the Turbo Tournaments which many of our showcased and highly recommended Android poker sites offer.

If you have never played in a Turbo poker tournament before and are wondering what they are all about then allow us to explain in a little more detail how they work and operate, and in regards to the battery life of your Android device this shouldn’t be a problem when you are taking part in a Turbo poker tournament!

A Turbo poker tournament is played at a rapid rate of knots, and unlike standard types of poker tournaments the blinds will increase much more rapidly at every stage of the game, and in addition to this the amount of time you get to play each stage of the tournament is much, much quicker, with a smaller allocated time period being set aside for each round.

So when you are travelling around maybe as a passenger on a train or bus, or even sat in a pub or cafe and you are getting the urge to play some poker in a tournament fashion then we would suggest you seriously consider entering these Turbo tournaments as you will never run the risk of your Android device running out of power due to the speed at which they play out at!

Where to Play Android Turbo Poker Tournaments

We are pleased to announce that you should be able to find no shortage of Turbo tournaments being held at all of our carefully selected Android poker sites which are dotted and reviewed for you around our website, and as such you are free to choose any of them to play at.

One of the Android poker sites which we always suggest new players consider playing at is the state of the art Poker Stars site, this poker venue is a long established one and being one of the busier of our listed sites then you are going to find poker tournaments starting virtually at any minute of the day!

One additional benefit of giving the Poker Stars’ Android site a try is that currently they have one of the biggest, best and easiest to claim welcome sign up offers which are available to anyone registering as a new player, take some time to have a good look through their website as that is where all of their ongoing and new player promotions can be found in full detail.

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Posted on: 28th January 2013 by: Gary Beachley