Playing in online poker tournaments can often be a very expensive business, for some of the buy-ins can be very high and often so high in fact that many low stake poker players will not be able to afford to play in some or even any of them!

However, that is certainly not going to be the case if you make the very wise decision of playing over at BetFred Poker, for every Friday night at 8pm you are going to be able to take part in their Things for a Fiver Poker Tournament!

As the name of this Poker Tournament does suggest you will only need to pay £5 to enter it and by doing so you will not only have a chance of winning a share of the prize pool but a range of additional extra prizes can be won.

Those additional prizes take the shape and form of a range of high tech gadgets such as designer watches, sun glasses, tablet devices and plenty of other boy’s toys too, so with such a low buy-in amount and those extra prizes up for grabs you really should make time each Friday night to take part in these online Poker tournaments!


Not only are you going to find the Things for a Fiver Poker Tournament up and running each Friday, but every other day of the week they will have lots of different Poker Tournaments that you can sign up to and play in, and many of them have huge prize pools up for grabs.

Plus, you will never go short in regards to the range of poker games you can play at BetFred Poker as they have all of the most popular poker variants available via their cash ring poker tables. Being such a very busy poker site you are always going to find thousands of players logged into their poker sites so you will have plenty of opponents to take on and ideally beat!

BetFred also have one of the most advanced Poker Apps too and as such if you have any type of touch screen mobile device and you want the added convenience of being able to play poker on that device from wherever you happen to be then do made sure that you download that Poker App as soon as you possibly can do.

Also, never forget that Fred Done who is the owner of BetFred is known as the ‘Bonus King‘ and as such you are always going to be showered with a huge range of different bonuses both as a first time real money player at their poker site or on an ongoing basis as one of their regular and loyal poker players!

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Posted on: 7th December 2016 by: Gary Beachley