Carbon PokerOne of the most interesting tools you can have at your disposal when playing poker online is a poker odds calculator, for that will always allow you to take the guess work out of the game you are playing!

With this in mind we would like to introduce you to the Carbon Poker site where you are going to be able to download their state of the art software and have their odds calculator instantly available to you when you play any of their real money poker games, which by the way are available 24 hours a day.

Below are the many different features of their odds calculator, so read on for details of how it works and operates.

Win Odds – By using their odds calculator you are going to be able to instantly work out you overall win odds based on your pockets cards along with the community cards based on just how many players are playing in the game you are playing.

Pot Odds – You will also be able to work out the pot odds based on just how much cash it is going to take to call based on the amount of money currently in the pot.

Expected Value – It is always important to know the expected value of your hole cards and the odds calculator on offer at Carbon Poker will allow you to do just that.

Player Stats – You will also find that you will also be able to store player stats into the odds calculator which is something you really should be doing to ensure you have the maximum information at your disposal.

In fact there are lots of additional aspects to using the Carbon Poker Odds Calculator that we just know that everyone who is serious about their online poker play is going to find highly beneficial and as such it really will be beneficial for you to make use of that odds calculator sooner rather than later.

If you are not already a member of Carbon Poker then do to hesitate signing up as one of their latest new players for by doing so right now you are going to find that you can claim a very large sign up welcome bonus that will enlarge your bankroll.

Plus with lots of cash ring games available and nonstop poker tournaments also running throughout the day or night no matter what type of poke games you are looking to play you will always find plenty of them on offer to you.

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Posted on: 9th July 2015 by: Gary Beachley