Paddy Power PokerOne thing that you do have to live with if you enjoy taking part in online poker tournaments is that whenever you do enter them you are often faced with having to play against thousands of other players, and as such your chances of making it to the prize paying final table are often dramatically reduced.

With many online poker sites being so popular with players finding a poker tournament with just a limited number of players is quite hard to do, however this is something that Paddy Power Poker know and fully understand and that is why their promotions team have put their heads together and have now launched a brand new type of poker tournament.

Each Friday at Paddy Power Poker they hold their newly launched F.O.M.O Poker Tournaments and what makes these poker tournaments very appealing is that there is just a limited number of players who will be taking part in them so your chances of winning one of the cash prizes available are noticeably better than when you play in any of the more standard online poker tournaments.

Below you will find an overview of how these F.O.M.O Poker tournaments are structured and designed, so read on for you are bound to find them very appealing!

100 Players Cap – There will only be a maximum of 100 players taking part in each and every single F.O.M.O Poker tournaments, so you will not have to spend hours trying to battle your way to the final table which is usually what you are always going to be faced with doing no matter which type of online poker tournaments you enter!

Top 5 Players Paid – There are going to be five cash prizes on offer on each F.O.M.O Poker tournament you enter and as such that does mean you get an even greater chance of winning one of those cash prizes when taking part in these poker tournaments at Paddy Power Poker!

Freeroll Qualifiers – The way in which you will be able to take part in these F.O.M.O Poker tournaments is by qualifying, and to make that as easy as is possible Paddy Power Poker hold freeroll poker tournaments on Monday through to Thursday night and as such you can win your way into the F.O.M.O Poker tournaments without having to spend a single penny trying to do so.

Get on over to the Paddy Power Poker site for more details of how you can get involved in each of their F.O.M.O Poker tournaments.

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Posted on: 15th March 2016 by: Gary Beachley