Full Tilt Poker know there are loads of female poker players out there, and with that in mind they have dedicated a set of poker tournaments to all your ladies who are looking for some fast action tournaments to take part in and also want the chance of winning big.

It is on the busiest poker tournament day of the week that you will find the range of poker tournaments up and running at Full Tilt Poker, and as such you need to be online each Sunday if you do fancy trying your chances on those tournaments!

The best aspect about them is that you can either buy-in directly to the tournaments or if you prefer you can try and win your chance of getting a direct entry into those women only poker tournaments at a much reduced cost by taking part in one of the many satellite tournaments that are running in the days up to each Sunday!

Those satellite tournaments have entry fees costing less than a Dollar and as such they are very affordable, and with a little bit of luck in playing you could instantly get your free entry into the main event.

Be aware that there are also non-stop poker tournaments running every single day of the week the majority of which are not gender specific and as such no matter whether you are a man or a woman you will always find more than enough tournaments to take part in no matter when you log into your Full Tilt Poker account!

Also as an added incentive for you to join up as a new player, if you haven’t already done so you are going to be able to make use of one of the most generous of sign up bonuses as soon as you do register as a new player, the details of that welcome bonus and all associated terms and conditions can of course be found over on their website, so please do check it out!

As one of the world’s busiest poker sites you are always going to find plenty of not only high paying poker tournaments but more than enough poker cash ring games open and waiting for you, and there are never going to be any shortages of fellow players to take on either!

To reward all of your real money poker action Full Tilt Poker also have their own poker rewards scheme that is always going to be giving you access to lots of additional extras based solely on your level of play, and with that in mind we think you should now make your way over to the Full Tilt Poker website as take a look t what they have to offer you a you won’t be disappointed!

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Posted on: 20th December 2016 by: Gary Beachley