Full Tilt PokerThe online poker operator, Full Tilt has announced that it has begun implementing changes from a professional mode to a more recreational model.

The changes are currently being implemented and this will see Full Tilt removing nosebleed, heads-up and mixed games from their site as well as removing select tables for pros. It is said that it some later stage, the removal of the select tables for pros will be merged making use of a software and this will be done at some later stages during the course of implementation.

Dominic Mansour, the Director of Full Tilt passed a comment regarding the changes and said,

Heads-up games were popularly being played by professional players who were out there targeting the weaker players rather than challenging players at their level at which new players who tried playing heads-up games would find them very difficult and would not come back. In short, the heads-up games did not form a healthy poker ecosystem at which we then concluded to remove them.

Previously, players would select tables to their advantage and the new changes will surely not be liked by those players. Hence, players will not be able to select tables at an advantage over other players.

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Posted on: 3rd August 2015 by: Gary Beachley