Insta PokerThere is only one way that you are going to become a much better poker player, and that is by playing in as many poker games as you possibly can, playing against other players will soon allow you to get to grips with the finer points of bluffing, spotting a high valued hand and also learning how to read other players is also important, as you are often going to find you are being bluffed and spotting when this happens can teach you how to take advantage of players who bluff their way to the pot!

However, there is a brand new poker training App which we have just seen in operation as well as those we have recommended already in our Best Android Poker App section and if you are looking to get lots of playing experience under your belt, but would prefer to do so in a no risk playing environment then it will pay dividends for you to consider using the Insta Poker App.

Insta Poker is a coaching and training App which you are able to download via Google Play onto any type of iPad or any model of iPhone and it is completely free of charge to download and will allow you to pick up the skills of playing poker that has been developed by professional poker players.

Probably the best aspect of using the Insta Poker App is that you do not need to be connected to the internet or a mobile phone signal to use it, as once downloaded onto your mobile device you can use it without having to use up any of your allocated data allowance or seek out a free Wi-Fi connection!

You are going to be able to learn how to play some of the most difficult base game hands and will be able to receive instant feedback on how you played those hands when using the Insta Poker App, so if you do have enough spare time then this is going to be a great way of mastering how to play every single hand combination dealt out to you, and will be instantly given feedback on how you could have played that hand better if you didn’t play it perfectly.

You really should consider using this completely free of charge Poker App if you are going to be playing real money poker as a novice player in the near future as by doing so it could save you a lot of money by showing you how to avoid playing your hands incorrectly!

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Posted on: 28th August 2014 by: Gary Beachley