The online World Series of Poker site which was one of the very first online poker sites to be issued with a full gaming license allowing it to offer online poker services to anyone based in the Nevada area has suffered from a rather disappointing launch in regards to the number of poker players actually getting online and playing at this newly launched US facing site.

Having been online and open for business for around a week now, and with all of the hype surrounding the legalising of US facing poker sites one would have been expecting a huge number of players to be online and playing, however it looks like the opposite is true and there has been, on average just over 150 players online and playing at any one time since the site launched!

This poker site is a link up of both the 888 Group and Caesars who have between them access to hundreds of thousands of player’s, if not millions and as such it is rather disappointing that no major advertising and promoting of this new poker site has been put into place.

In fact taking a look at the other online poker site operation that has been awarded a full online gaming license and as such can accept and allow players based in the Nevada area to play poker online they on average have just over 250 players online and playing on average at any one time.

Obviously it is true to say that the legalized online poker environment in the US is in its infancy and over the coming months it is hoped that more and more players will choose to log on and start playing poker at these two sites.

However it does beg the question, in a place such as Nevada where players can, quite easily, find a real life land based poker game to sit down and play 24 hours a day, is there actually going to be a huge number of players wishing to move their one time land based poker playing action onto the online poker playing environment?

It looks like time will tell, and with even more poker sites hoping to obtain full gaming licenses allowing them to offer Nevada based players with online poker games the actual number of online poker players each site has may get diluted even more!

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Posted on: 2nd October 2013 by: Gary Beachley