MicrogamingMicrogaming, the online gaming developer has announced the launch of its poker software known as BebelFish.

The software technology is an essential tool for developers. It allows developers to design their own poker software in different languages and also allowing access to the MPN (Microgaming Poker Network) as well as granting access to Microgaming’s tournaments and cash games.

The software technology also allows developers to build poker software for smart TVs, gaming consoles and mobile devices.

The Babelfish software main objective is to give developers a low cost solution allowing discounts on hosting, random number generators as well as other vital elements of online gaming.

Alex Scott, Microgaming Head of Poker commented on the release of the product,

Babelfish is definitely a game changer for poker. It allows operators to customize their poker software to a higher degree than has ever been possible before, without having to go standalone. If you were so inclined, you could even build poker software for a smartwatch, a connected fridge or an in-car entertainment system. The only limit is your imagination.

With this new operator on board, our network will grow significantly. But this is not the only exciting news that the MPN has for 2015. This year we want to be at the pinnacle of the poker industry – this is just the first step!

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Posted on: 2nd February 2015 by: Gary Beachley