Microgaming Poker Network (MPN), the eleventh largest online poker network in the world has announced several changes to the format of its sit & go poker tournaments.

Under the changes introduced, MPN has eliminated a number of less popular games including games at higher stakes in variants other the preferred no-limit hold'em.

Another major change to be rolled out on Feb 14 is that all full-ring sit & go tournaments will be removed from the lobby.

Jonathan Kelly, the new head of poker for Microgaming stated that the new changes will make the playing lobby more clean and will not affect many of their customers.

In a statement Kelly said,

This will mean we will only offer Six-Max and Heads Up, and in theory, means that Six-Max SNGs will start much more quickly and ensure a better player experience while de-cluttering our lobby. For lovers of full ring SNGs, this may sound like a drastic measure, but luckily there are almost no lovers of full ring anymore

Yet another key change is that the buy-ins for sit & go tournaments will be changed to match what is offered by the network. The price shown for each tournament will consolidated instead of listing the rake amount separately. The rake for any tournament can be seen by entering the game’s lobby.

Along with the structural changes, a change in the pricing has also been proposed to make it more standardized. The rake is being decreased for several games while for others it has been retained as it is. An example to explain the new rake structure in heads-up games, is a player wanting to play a game with a buy-in of around €10 can choose between games of buy-ins €10.40, €10.60, €10.80, and €11 depending on the speed desired and the number of players involved.

A new game format called 10 Minute Heads Up is also being proposed. Here the player starts off the game with 1,500 chips with blinds set at 25/50. This structure ensures that the games will be 30 big blinds per player all through the match. If there is no winner within 10 minutes of the game’s start, play stops and both players then automatically go into all-in mode until a winner emerges.

According to Kelly, this kind of game will cater to those looking to go deep without long drawn games. MPN is testing this with low stakes €0.11 buy-in but has plans to expand, if it proves to be successful.

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Posted on: 3rd February 2017 by: Gary Beachley