Carbon PokerThe mobile Carbon Poker site is proving to be just as popular as the online Carbon Poker site, and as such the team behind this top rated poker site are constantly updating and upgrading their mobile poker playing platform to ensure it is always going to be the very best one available anywhere.

Below are several of the most recently added aspects of the Carbon Poker mobile site and as such you are guaranteed to having one of the best playing experiences if you have chosen to ditch your computer and start utilizing your mobile device as the main way you access poker sites.

Sit n Go Tournaments – You can now get straight down to poker tournament playing action thanks to the even larger number of Sit n Go Poker tournaments offer via the Carbon Poker mobile site, so you are never more than a minute or so away from the next one starting due to their huge number of poker players logged into their site morning, noon and night, so give them a try day soon.

Cash Games –You will be able to play no limit , fixed limits and even heads up Texas Hold ‘Em cash games when logged into the Carbon Poker site via your mobile device, and they have recently added a range of 6 max poker games to their ever growing range of poker games on offer.

Casino Games – You will also be able to play a wide and quite varied range of above average paying casino games all from within the Carbon Poker App, you will find every type of casino games you enjoy playing and as such if you wish to take a break from the poker tables or poker tournaments then these casino games will offer a very welcome distraction.

Sports Betting – One final recently added extra which you are going to find is accessible via the mobile Carbon Poker site is a range of various different sports betting opportunities. They have now added a fully functional sports book onto their mobile gaming platforms and with their commitment to giving sports betters the best odds and the widest range of sports betting opportunities we doubt you will never need to place your sports bets anywhere else once you experience just how user friendly this new betting platform is and just how seamlessly it is to use and operate.

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Posted on: 17th November 2014 by: Gary Beachley