Paddy's Ironman IV PromotionThe Paddy Power mobile poker site is the place to visit today to take part in the hugely popular Paddy’s Iron Man IV poker event, which has been running for the past three years and this year being the fourth event they have pushed the boat out to ensure plenty of prizes can be won!

Now unlike other mobile poker sites who offer virtually no rewards or benefits for being a regular player, Paddy Power Poker love doing the exact opposite and this is where their Iron Man event comes into its own, you will need to opt into the promotion and this is done on the Paddy Poker Poker mobile website and then the more days you play from now right through until the 6th of March 2013 the more you will be rewarded with.

This is not a poker tournament but a loyalty event and as such all you will need to do to earn a massive collection of extras is play! Just log on and play each day and your rewards will begin to stack up.

We can hear you all shouting what are these rewards, so let us now guide you through just what you can earn for yourself simply by playing at the Paddy Power mobile poker sites Iron Man IV poker playing event.

Well, each day you play you are awarded a set of points, and as these points accumulate the bigger your rewards will be, the lowest valued award you can earn is a simply entry into a free roll poker tournament, the value of the prize pool will vary depending on which one you earn your entry into, but they begin at a 100.00 free roll and grow to an entry into a 1000.00 free roll poker tournament.

Cash prizes are also on offer during this Iron Man IV poker event at the Paddy Power mobile poker site, and you could bag yourself a cash prize from as little as just 5.00 or as high as a whopping 3000.00.

For those of you who really are die hard poker players the maximum reward on offer is for those who manage to play for 30 days straight and amassing 10000 points in total or more. This will see you being awarded a truly generous prize of an IO Package with a value of some $6k!

If you think you have what it takes then the place to visit is the Paddy Power mobile poker site, and make sure that you opt in for this event, as that is the only way you are going to start amassing those special points and rewards.

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Posted on: 13th February 2013 by: Gary Beachley