party pokerIf you enjoy playing real money poker games online, and you are the type of player who does play quite often and often find yourself playing for many hours, then there is a brand new poker site promotion that is currently on offer which is sure to appeal to you.

This promotion is the Trail Blazer promotion which is exclusively available over at Party Poker, and it is your chance to bag an extra cash payment, based solely of the number of comp points you earn when playing at this leading poker site.

The promotion started on the 26th of October and is now in play right through until the 22nd of November 2015, and to take part you simply have to log into your Party Poker account, or sign up if you do not yet already have one and play any of their real money poker cash ring games.

By doing so each wager you place will of course be seeing you earning the usual poker comp points at Party Poker, however it will be the amount of those points you manage to earn and your comp club ranking that will determine just how much you can make from this promotion.

In total Party Poker have allocated €5,200 to their Trail Blazer promotion, and if you are currently in the lowest rung of their comp club that being a Bronze Player then there are 50 cash prizes up for grabs. Those cash prizes vary in size from a modest €2 right up to a payout of €50 for the Bronze Player who earns the most points over the time this promotion is up and running.

If you are a Silber Player in their comp club the prizes of which there are 50 of them allocated to this promotion vary in size from just €15 up to €180. The highest tier of the Party Poker comp club is their Platinum level, and if you have achieved that status then the cash prizes on offer are a little more generous and larger in size!

There are just 10 cash prizes for Platinum Players, however even if you earn only the tenth highest number of points in this promotion you will pick up €40 in cash. However the Platinum Player who manages to earn the highest number of points from the 26th of October or any time up until the 22nd of November 2015 will win €220 in cash, checkout their website for details.

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Posted on: 11th November 2015 by: Gary Beachley