Ivey Poker on facebookGood news if you are a fan of Phil Ivey and also are interested in playing poker, as the brand new and we have to say aptly named Ivey Poker App has just been made live, on, of all places, Facebook!

So all you social media addicts can now spend as much time as you like both getting all the latest updates from your friends and family which at the same time playing poker instead of those rather annoying games such as Farmville or Candy Crush Saga!

We should point out that at this moment in time the Ivey Poker App of Facebook is still in the Beta mode and as such if there are any little bugs they may become prevalent during this dry run for its main launch, however early feedback from some players who have given it some play time is that it is a fun to play Poker App and as such you may fancy giving it a try yourself.

The idea and way this Ivey Poker App works is quite straightforward, we should point out that it is a free to play type of App so you will not be charged to play poker online when using it, plus it also comes with some very handy free training videos for anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of the game, and as such you can log on pick the poker video which is of interest to you and then sit back and watch it, whilst then being able to put your new found skills to the test via the App!

When you sign up and start using this poker App you will be instantly rewarded with 3500 poker chips and then can play table games, tournaments including both Sit n Go’s and Multi Table types of Poker tournaments.

ivey-poker-facebookOne very handy feature which some more experience poker players are going to enjoy using is the multi table game playing format which this App has listed as Multi 4, this allows you to place up to four different poker tables all at the same time via four different adjustable windows, so if you like playing fast and furious types of poker games then you can do just that by taking part in four live poker games on four different tables all at the same time!
Why not give it a try soon, you will certainly find it both an interesting poker App and educational thanks to the Team Ivey poker training videos.

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Posted on: 15th July 2013 by: Gary Beachley