If you want to have a chance of winning up to $5000 each day of the week then for a limited time only you will have the chance of doing just that by simply logging into your PokerStars account.

If you do not already have an account with PokerStars then the sooner you sign up the sooner you will have a chance of winning!

What’s interesting about this daily Jacks or Better Poker Challenge is that all prizes are awarded as cash and not bonus credits and as such you can withdrawal any winnings you do achieve without first having to meet or exceed any play through requirements!

This is how the Jacks or Better Poker Challenge works, you simply need to log into your PokerStars account and then click onto the start button on today’s Jacks or Better Poker Challenge button. By doing so you will then be able to play any cash Hold’em Poker games including the Zoom Poker range of games and each time you win a hand and that hand is made up of at least a pair of Jacks or Better you will be accumulating points.


As soon as you have accumulated a certain points target you will then instantly receive a cash reward which can be as much as $5000. However, if any hand you win with is quads or better then you will have instantly completed your daily Poker Challenge and will then be awarded with your cash prize!

The Daily Jacks or Better Poker Challenge is up and running until February the 8th of 2017, so the sooner you start taking part the sooner you can hopefully start winning! Each daily challenge does of course go live at 00:00 ET and will run throughout each day of the week until 23:59 ET.

Be aware that as soon as you click onto the start button to start the challenge you will be option in to this promotion, and it is from that moment in time onwards that your points will start to accumulate, so do not forget to click onto that button as soon as you log into your account or any point you earn will not be counted until such a time that you do click onto the start button!

It is at the moment in time that you have completed the entire daily challenge and have earned enough points that you will then be awarded with your cash reward, which as mentioned above is paid into your real money PokerStars account instantly. The Challenge Point you earn are for this promotion only and do not count towards any other promotional offers.

Be aware that at least three players must be dealt into the hand you are currently playing for the hand to be eligible to earn points on those PokerStars Jacks or Better challenge.

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Posted on: 26th January 2017 by: Gary Beachley