PokerTimeWe have just come across a brand new poker mini game which is available at the PokerTime site, and this poker mini game is one of the most well throughout and designed games on which you are going to be able to win a range of bonus credits simply based on your level of real money gaming action at their poker tables!

By playing and winning 20 raked Blaze Poker hands at PokerTime then you will notice a special pop up window being launched, and on that pop up window you will see a canon. You are tasked with then firing that canon at a house of cards with the aim of knocking down the Gold Suit icons.

You will be awarded with a bonus payout depending on how many of them you knock down, and the prizes which can be awarded to you are worth €1, €10 or €100.

So there will be the chance of picking up a bonus prize once you are playing Blaze Poker in addition of course to anything you win during any poker playing sessions, and as such with some luck in playing off that bonus game you could suddenly find your chip stack growing!

You will not be given access to the Blazing Canon poker game if you are playing free play games or at the Heads Up tables, but do make sure that you have the Flash Player version 9 or higher installed on the computer you are playing poker at PokerTime with, as that is required for the bonus game to
launch and load!

If you have not yet signed up to PokerTime then be aware they operate using the Microgaming instant play poker software and poker platform and as such you are going to find a huge number of cash ring games and poker tournaments always on offer 24 hours a day no matter when you choose to log into your account.

New players will be able to make use of their generous welcome bonus offer too, and all of your real money poker gaming action is going to be additionally rewarded via their poker comp club scheme, the details of which you will find listed upon their website. Their website is also the place to find all of the terms and conditions attached to the Blazing Canon poker game too, so do check it out!

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Posted on: 24th May 2016 by: Gary Beachley