Sky PokerIf you are a fan of Sit n Go poker tournaments then you need to get yourself over to the top rated Sky Poker site between the 12th of June 2015 and the 15th of June 2015 as this is when they are running their Happy Days Promotion.

You are going to be getting double the number of Poker Points when you play in any of the Sit n Go Poker Tournaments when playing at Sky Poker when this promotion is up and running and as such you could get plenty of points awarded to you which you are then going to be able to redeem for additional playing credits.

All of the Sit n Go Poker tournaments have this special promotional offer attached to them and as such you can take part in their Heads up tournaments, their 6 Max tournaments or their DYM tournaments and will be earning twice as many poker points as you usually do!

The main attraction of taking part in any Sit n Go Poker tournament at Sky Poker is that they do not have a set in stone starting time, for all that needs to happen for one of them to begin is that the required number of players needed to set the tournament into live play have to register.

Once the required numbers of players have registered then the Sit N Go Poker tournaments will begin. If you are playing at another poker table having registered then do not worry as the tournament table will load and become available to you and you will be automatically alerted of this fact and can take your seat immediately.

The cost of taking part in any of the Sit n Go Poker tournaments offered by Sky Poker is another reason why many players tend to take part in them as they are very low cost tournaments to enter.

Plus as there is only a limited number of available places in Sit n Go Poker tournaments at Sky Poker you will always have a much fairer chance of winning one of them due to you not playing in a multi table type of playing format and structure, so you will not have to battle against hundreds or even thousands of other players, just the players who are sat around the one table!

Checkout the Sky Poker website for more details of what they have to offer you for their sign up bonus is a generous and high valued one if you are not already a player there!

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Posted on: 4th June 2015 by: Gary Beachley