William HillIn a bid to detect the vast portfolio of online gaming applications, William Hill is deploying the software of SharePath from Correlsense. This is done to ensure perfection regarding customer service and enable customers to enjoy consistent performance every time they log in, on any device.

Correlsense is an Application Performance Management company, also known as APM. Currently, Correlsense is trying to improvise areas related to customer service by deploying its SharePath.

They will assist with real-time information to help in the customer service.

Sharepath is mainly created to detect transactions among different technologies. In addition, it also monitors the components of the infrastructure along with the endpoints. Customers of Sharepath now use numerous collectors to monitor applications that are required on a critical basis. The huge architecture from Sharepath relates data from all these sources to monitor performances in the most complex surroundings.

Ken Marhsall, the CEO of Correlsense said that William Hill is one of the best brands in the industry. He also went on to say that as the online gaming industry entered into areas that were never visited before, the important factor that contributed to success lay in providing more than anything the customers expected. The key to success would to be about delivering it before the customers realized it. He stressed on the fact that William Hill is one of the best companies worldwide.

Jamie Hart said that William Hill has chosen Sharepath from Correlsense for various reasons. They chose Sharepath to help in retaining customers as well as the performance of the site on the whole. William Hill is currently implementing Sharepath and the process will go on for a while.

Sharepath excels in monitoring transactions of the users and isolates the problems involved. Once the problems are identified, customers can easily manage their operations.

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Posted on: 3rd February 2014 by: Gary Beachley